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Why use Audio Visual (AV) Systems?

Improve your responsiveness to change, enabling meetings to be arranged with customers, suppliers and staff at short notice without the need to coordinate travel schedules
Take advantage of an office move or renovation to re-evaluate your communications facilities
Exploit new or existing networks to enable new working methods
Improve team work through online voice, video and data collaboration
Dramatically reduce travel costs and improve use of time
Improve your ecological profile
Enable creativity through interaction

Why Telepresence Video Conferencing?

Telepresence video conferencing is a term used when referring to the latest generation of video conferencing which uses High Definition video with life size images, surround sound audio and graphics sharing to improve the collaboration aspects of video conferencing. It can:

Improve the user experience of using video conferencing Create the feeling that you are really "there".
Increase productivity and improve relationship building between participants
Reduce travel and associated costs
Create the feeling that you are really "there"
Create better collaboration between participants
Improve internal communications and motivation

Why Unified Communications?

Unified Communications solutions pull all of your communications media together into a single environment. Telephones and voicemail, video, email, texts, IM and conferencing from a single “presence” based system where you can pick the correct medium depending on the location and working state of the person you want to communicate with. Eventually this will mean a single directory system fully tied back to your desktop and handset based personal productivity tools such as Outlook.

Why Edge Vision?

Edge Vision offers a comprehensive, professional service and has a 7 year proven track record in specifying, designing, implementing and supporting IP Voice & IP Video Conferencing communications strategies for a wide range of organisations.

We can help you with all stages of the process and dramatically improve your audio-visual meeting capabilities irrespective of personnel location:

Exploit PDA’s & Laptops to empower mobile workers Create impact and motivation with larger audiences
Facilitate improved communications for desk based workers Improve corporate communications wherever your employees are
Make better use of meeting and boardrooms, creating more valuable interactions Build better relationships with customers, partners and suppliers

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